Sutherland's Margarita

Ingredients for one drink:

2 oz chilled tequila
1.5 oz fresh squeezed lime juice or 'Key West Lime Juice'
8 oz club soda

Fill frosted pint glass with ice and add tequila, lime and soda water then stir.

The Sutherland's Margarita Story

One day Ryan was very hot after a long walk in the summer heat in Phoenix Arizona and wanted a yummy refreshing adult beverage that was not sweet. So Ryan when into his laboratory (apartment kitchen) to figure out a great drink to enjoy. But to no avail he could not figure anything out. That is until he gave up and filled up a cup, full of ice with soda water, but this tasted different because he had accidentally poured 'Key West Lime Juice' and tequila into the glass earlier and forgot about it. After tasting it he realized that this was the taste he wanted all along and with some tweaking of proportions the beverage was born.

He later named it Sutherland's Margarita.

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